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Biofrost Pain Relief Gel 200ml

  • High quality and effective pain relief gel
  • Size: 200ml
    Biofrost Pain Relief Gel 200ml
    Biofrost Pain Relief Gel 200ml
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    Biofrost is Pain Relief Gel for joint and muscle pain which is fast acting, long lasting analgesic gel (drug-free).

    Biofrost gives natural soothing pain relief whether you have muscle pain, nerve pain, knee pain, arthritis, joint pain, muscular back pain, muscle cramps, muscle spams, muscle sprains, muscle strains or neck pain and shoulder pain. Biofrost Pain Relief Gel is Cold Gel which is widely recommended to use with like arthritis pain. Biofrost also reduce swelling and inflammation to help you joints moving, relaxed and sleep better.


    Biofrost Pain Relief Cold Gel is natural pain relief product which is based on Cold Therapy Treatment (drug-free). Medical studies around the world has been proven the effectiveness of Cold Gel in pain relief treatment.


    Pain relieving cold gel decreases the pain sensation and muscle soreness following from physical exercise and exertion, improves strength and speed up the muscle recovery. Ethanol and Menthol improves the endurance of exercise by improving the oxygen intake and reducing the production of lactic acid of the muscle. Recovery faster from physical exercise with Biofrost.

    Spread a visible amount of Biofrost Cold Gel, use regularly on the treatment area until pain is relieved. Leave layer to skin to achieve best performance. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, Keep out of reach from children, Do not use on damaged skin or wounds, Do not cover gel with bandage or such.
    How does it work

    An optimal combination of ethanol, menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint reduces the surface temperature of the skin and activates the body’s TRPM8 receptor, also known as the cold/menthol receptor. When activated, TRPM8 displaces the pain signal to the brain, resulting in alleviation of pain.

    Dimethyl Sulphone (MSM)

    Dimethyl sulphone (MSM) is an organic sulphur that occurs naturally in the human body as well as in certain foods. MSM helps maintain joint mobility and alleviates inflammation and muscle tenderness. MSM also has anti-inflammatory effects and pain-reducing properties. It is a vital mineral that is literally stored in every cell of the body.
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