Medication Checking Service

Testing employees for alcohol and drugs is capturing the interest of an increasing number of employers as drugs and alcohol become more prevalent in the workplace. As a company, having a drug and alcohol screening policy, may be a legal requirement in certain sectors but it can also have great benefits in industries where it is not currently subject to the law.


We at Pharmacy Saver realise that employees are sometimes not aware that the medication they take can potentially cause drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, fainting spells and other serious side effects. It is therefore of vital importance that any medication taken by an individual is screened for side effects if they work in an environment where safety is critical.


Our expert team of occupational health pharmacist are available to work with your organisation to provide a confidential medication checking services ensuring that there are no compromises on safety when employees have to take prescribed or over the counter medicines.


We specialise in the railway, construction and transport industries and can provide advice on use of medication and how it may affect an individual's ability to work.


If you are a company offering occupational health services or interested in educating and reassuring your employee that the medication they have been prescribed will be safe to use in your industry and would like to set up a medication checking service for your organisation please contact us