Medicines in Sport

We all have a responsibility to help keep sport clean and protect its integirity. It is vital to be aware that it’s not just the serious performance enhancing drugs that can get you banned for life. Many simple over the counter remedies and prescription medicines are on the Prohibited List. The Prohibited List identifies substances and methods that are banned in-competition only and those banned at all times . Check what applies to your sport on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list at Before taking any medication you should also check it on the Global drug reference online (Global DRO) at This is an online service that allows you to check the status of a licensed medication bought in the UK, USA or Canada.


Do you know what is safe to take and what's not?

  • Are you confident that whatever you are administering to your body in training or in competition is safe, effective and legal.
  • If the product you are taking is unsuitable to take in sport, are you aware of alternative medication that you may take that is legal.
  • If you are taking supplements to improve strength or in body building, are you aware of potential side effects and interactions with other medication you may be taking.


Pharmacy Saver can help you remain SAFE

We have an experienced team of Pharmacist available to provide you with advice and information to help you make sense of your medication and their use in sport.


If you order your medication from our website, we can provide you a FREE:

  • Report detailing how your medication will affect you in your chosen sport.
  • Advise and report on how your medication will interact with other supplements you may be taking.


If you obtain your medications from another pharmacy and want further advice on remaining safe in sport please contact us


How it works:

  1. Register on our site, and tick the box that states - I require more information on how my medicines will affect me in sport.
  2. We will contact you for more details.
  3. Order your medication online.
  4. Post the prescription to our address:

    Pharmacy Saver
    Devonshire House
    582 Honeypot lane
    Stanmore, Middlesex
    HA7 1JS

  5. We will provide you with a report on how your medicines will affect you in sport.
  6. You will receive your medication in the post.



You are strongly advised to be very cautious if you choose to use any supplements as there is no guarantee that supplements are free from banned substances. You are personally responsible for any banned substance found in your system, no matter how it got there or whether or not you had an intention to cheat.