Newfoundland Stomach Ulcer Self Test Kit

Newfoundland Stomach Ulcer Self Test Kit
Newfoundland Stomach Ulcer Self Test Kit

Newfoundland Stomach Ulcer Self Test Kit

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This simple at-home stomach ulcer testing kit has been developed to assess whether or not there is evidence of Helicobacter (H. pylori) bacteria in your body.

It checks a small sample of your faeces to find traces of the bacteria, and a positive result can be interpreted as a sign that a gastric (stomach) ulcer may be present. You can also get ulcers in part of the intestine just beyond the stomach, which are called duodenal ulcers.

Stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers (sometimes called peptic ulcers) cause the same symptoms and the treatment for both is the same.

At-home self-test for the detection of H.pylori antigens in stool, as an indicator of gastritis or stomach ulcers.

Symptoms to look out for:

  •  Dull or burning stomach pain
  •  Bloating
  •  Nausea
  •  Unexplained weight loss
  •  Vomiting
  •  Burping or acid reflux
  •  Poor appetite

      First secure the collection paper provided to the toilet – you’ll see adhesive tabs on the paper to help you do this.

      Defecate on the paper, being careful not to contaminate it with urine.

      To take a sample of the stool using the blue applicator provided in the collection tube. Insert the applicator in at least three different places to ensure it is well coated. Note: you don’t need a large sample – just try and coat the tip as best you can.

      1. Screw the applicator back into the test tube. Make sure it’s a tight fit, then shake the tube to mix your stool sample with the liquid in the tube.
      2. Flush the stool down the toilet.
      3. Open the foil pouch and take out the test strip.
      4. Unscrew the lid on the other end of the test tube and break off the tip of the dropper.
      5. Now gently squeeze out 8-10 drops of the liquid onto the reaction tube.


      • 1 x Test cassette
      • 1 x Specimen collection tube with extraction buffer
      • 1 x Stool collection paper
      • 1 x Instructions for use

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